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This the place where you started the demo of this floor. If you would like get out of this room to get a different viewpoint, click on the button below.

The dimensions of this room are:
Total area : XX sqm
Height : xx m

[button url=”/360demo/#samplewa” target=”_self” color=”green” size=”medium” border=”false” icon=”” btn_content=”Click here to get the outside view”]

[/photospherevcmarker][photospherevcmarker ps_mark_content=”md2″]

Bedroom 2

This is a medium sized bedroom that can be used as a children’s room. We have used this space for kids’ room in this demo house. If you would like to get a glimpse of what it looks like from inside of this room. Click on the button below.

Total Area : xx sqm
Height : xx m

You may also add a few pictures of this room here so that the users may see them along with the 360 degree tour of the room.

[button url=”/room2″ target=”_self” color=”green” size=”medium” border=”false” icon=”” btn_content=”CLICK HERE TO GET INSIDE”]


For Mobile Devices

Touch and swipe in all directions to view the room from all directions.

For Computers or Laptops

Click and hold your mouse cursor to rotate in any direction you want.

This is a sample shot of inside view of a house. This is not just a virtual view of the place but a real view of the place. Real estate agents or people can display their property from inside and grab the attention of potential customers in a better way using this technology.