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As we all know, E commerce services in India commonly refer to as act of buying or selling of products through online services or over the Internet. Anyone who is doing a business nowadays needs to come online. E commerce service in India has become one of the most popular ways of purchasing products, goods and services and offers many payment options. It is rightly said that –                            

    If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business!!”            

Whether you are launching your first E commerce service in India or already have an online presence, At VIKILINKS your goals will surely be extended to reach your customers, meet their needs and grow your business. VIKILINKS providing E commerce service in India and other cities help your businesses increase profits and flourish online by delivering responsive, SEO-rich websites for your online business requirements.

E commerce service in India help through electronic transactions which enables the consumer to buy products online, and allows your company to do business 24/7. This type of electronic monetary exchange can help expand your business because it reaches more consumers without the boundaries of time, distance and currency.

  • Search Engine Optimized Online Stores
  • Customize for advanced metadata optimization and tracking.
  • Integrate Content and E commerce
  • Showcase Your Products with Display and Merchandising options
  • We’ll Help You Start Your Online Store
  • Building a powerful E commerce Website
  • Manage Your Store on working with the iPhone and Android Apps
  • E commerce Hosting
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Who We Are?

VIKILINKS is a Web Designing and Development company providing E commerce services in Haryana, India and other cities with a passion to help improve your customers’ experience of your online brand with the highest quality web.

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What We Do?

We can help you to accomplish your business goals through the development of a creative E commerce website. We can implement technological solutions into creative designs in this way transforming your business ideas into a live online store

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While working with us you can even see your progress, where did your E commerce website reach and what updations are needed to be done to meet your business requirements.

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Our working on your site and your suggestions to make it up to the mark will go side by side. We will perfectly design your work in a way that it works as it is you hope it to be working.

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  • Stock control.
  • Shipping and tax.
  • High-end Security.
  • SEO friendly websites.
  • Password Protected CMS.
  • Custom online order forms.
  • Easily accessible order history.
  • Integrated payment gateways.
  • Order Tracking.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Custom shopping carts.
  • Return customers tracking.
  • Order Management.
  • Reports/Inventory tracking.
  • Custom online store design.
  • Order history for customers.
  • Site traffics report & solutions.
  • Multiple categories & products.
  • Secure Server Launching (SSL).
  • Intuitive control of the inventory.
  • Invoice generation and tracking.
  • Advanced search inventory.
  • Secure payment processing.
  • Directory of featured products.

It’s easy to keep in touch with your customers after their purchase with an integrated email campaign module that allows you to send regular emails to your customers with your latest special offers and news.
Different websites are affected by the need for good communication in one way or another. Whether the website is providing an e commerce service, a blog, a portfolio, an information website for a service company, or a government website or any other type of website communication is a must.

Traffic to your e commerce website is flowing freely, but are you converting that interest into actual sales? We definitely increase your online sales, turning web visitors into customers.

Many e commerce websites rank high in search engines and get lots of traffic but achieve low conversion rates when it comes to selling online. There are many potential reasons for this, from pricing and product to navigation and security.

You could have two websites with the same products at exactly the same price but they would get different amounts of business because of issues such as ease of use and trust.

  • Upload unlimited products to store
  • Manage stock/inventory
  • Low stock warning
  • With meta tags for SEO
  • Add related products


Our E commerce Website packages are not only designed and developed by us, but also they are completely supported and hosted . So you will never find yourself with a problem or a question regarding your website, we are always here and ready to help you! Starting to sell online can be a daunting process and our team will make the process as easy as we possibly can and offering you friendly advice and tips along the way.


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