Travel Portal Development in Karnataka

Travel corporations globally, gears up for innovative and price effective solutions for exploring the technological approach to plug their merchandise. Travel portal development in Karnataka, India has now become a Buzzword, that all the travel agencies square measure noticeably aware. international travel agencies square measure going surfing by following OTA approach. VIKILINKS Travel portal development services in Karnataka, India done internally with in-house team and rest all are literally getting it done through skilled travel portal development corporations.

Travel portal package could be a comprehensive and powerful internet based mostly on-line booking system, designed for travel business particularly for travel management corporations, destination management, B2B & B2C travel agencies, operators and residential based mostly travel agents. At VIKILINKS serving as one of the best in all the most effective Travel portal development company in Karnataka, India. We offer consulting, development for all the aspects of B2B & B2C Travel portal development in Karnataka, India and travel api integration for airline booking, building booking, travel packages, bus booking, car rental, cruise booking and insurance.

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Travel Portal Development Services:

Flight Booking

Directly link your Flight Booking Engine with GDS through API winning complete online inventory of Airline info and fares of all the airline networks. additionally facilitate with secure Payment entryway Integration.

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Hotel Booking

Build strong building Booking Engine with advanced XML and API integration creating search best. Access a large array of building inventory with advanced XML and API integration programs.

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Travel Agent Portal

Build B2B or B2C Portal for your agency comprising advanced building XML, Airline GDS, Taxi or Bus Booking API, and alternative Apis. Also, build payments on your portal secure by group action secure Payment Gateways.

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Taxi/Bus Booking

Connect with best API sanctionative your Taxi and Bus Booking Engine to look for attainable taxi and letting choices. Also, integrate with a secure payment entryway for process of payments.

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Features of travel portal development in India package!

Designing of the website alongside the link pages
Development of the CMS for Airlines Integration- Domestic and International Air Ticketing
Development of the CMS for building Integration- Domestic and International building Booking
Bus and train Booking
Car Rental
User Registration module
Travel Insurance Module
Payment entryway Integration
Admin Panel Rights
MIS Reports
Airfare Calendar
Visa and travel data Integration


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