We at VIKILINKS offer scalable Web Hosting Services in India to meet the future needs and demands. We always maintain a suitable balance between website hosting and web designing. Our web hosting network is ultra fast and efficient. We provide Linux and window server hosting which is suitable for dynamic and static websites.

Website hosting is normally referred to as a service that enables individuals as well as organizations to make their websites accessible to everyone on the  internet. Our Web Hosting services in India are cost-efficient and reliable to everyone. Our services offer your business to deliver ideas, products and services to the entire world using a web network. The major purpose behind these services is to ensure that businesses get server space to store files.

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Vikilinks offers Various Web Hosting Services :

Windows Web Hosting

Our Windows website hosting plans bring to you the latest technology and also, it is reliable and affordable at the same time.

Dedicated Servers

We offer dedicated hosting in which a dedicated server is an ideal solution for larger businesses and high-traffic websites.

Reseller Hosting

Our reseller plan is a great way for you to become your own full-time web hosting service or you can use plan to add value to your customers.

Windows Multi Domain Hosting

Get a Windows Multi Domain Hosting plan, that is managed with ease. Our windows hosting plans are affordable and reliable.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress gives you access to thousands of free themes and plugins that help simplify the design process.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is when you are having multiple sites on the same server, our web hosting company can provide the service at affordable rates.

Online Storage

Online Storage allows online object storage for files and media, delivering them globally at blazing speeds over a worldwide CDN.

Backup Solution

We provide online web backup solution to store your important files and folders. Now you don’t need to carry any external hard drives and DVDs/CDs.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is always good for bloggers specially the established ones, who can justify the expense with the revenue & optimize the site for better performance.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Servers give designers, businesses and developers much power, speed and stability to successfully run their own websites.

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP addresses are usually used for large SSL encrypted secure websites and heavy traffic websites.


Vikilinks Web hosting services in India

offers you an additional benefit that you can add shopping carts for eCommerce sites, forums, communities, and chat panels. These features help in communicating with the customers and know their views on the site.


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